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  For any effort to be effective, the people involved need to be educated and have a solid understanding of what is taking place and what their role will be in helping the organization. Building a Promise-Driven Organization™ is no different.  
  We offer training in two venues. First, we always provide training as part of the professional services we offer. Second, we provide stand-alone training to help organizations to better understand what it means to become Promise-Driven and how they could achieve this. Some of the specific topics we provide training on include:  
  • What it means to be a Promise-Driven Organization™
  • How Keeping your Promises drives Customer Loyalty, Profitability, Market Differentiation and Employee Retention
  • Why being Customer Focused is different than Operational Focused
  • What is a Promise-Architecture™ and why you should care about it
  • What is the difference between 'Traditional Methods" of Customer Satisfaction and "Leading Edge Methods" of Customer Promises
  • The "How To" of becoming Promise-Driven
  Training is usually customized to the specific audience. The primary audiences include, but are not limited to:  
  • Top Executive Management
  • Top Management Level
  • Middle Management
  • Project Leadership Team
  • Participants (employees)
  • Entire Organization
  These training sessions are usually scheduled for 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour or full-day sessions. If you would like to introduce your Executives, Managers or Employees to the leading edge concepts of Promise-Driven Organizations™ and Customer Experiences, please refer to our Contact Us page and give us a call or drop us an e-mail. Thank you.  


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