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  Strategy and Risk Test  

We designed the Strategy and Risk Test to help you assess how well your organization is doing today in regard to building solid organizational Strategy while mitigating and lowering your Risk. We have seen numerous instances of how the degree of Loyalty an organization has with its Customers, Employees and other Stakeholders significantly impacts its level of Risk. The lower the Loyalty Factor of your organization, the higher the risk overall, in both the short and long term. In addition, if the organizational strategy is not developed with the customer at the core and a key goal to build Loyalty among its constituents, the Risk increases over time. The Strategy of an organization encompasses many facets of an organization and must include a direct connection to these constituents to be effectively executed. If you would like a more detailed analysis and discussion about your results, just click the Contact Us button to your right and we will get in touch with you right away, We Promise!

Please answer YES or NO after each question. At the end of each section, please record your number of YES and NO answers in the total boxes.

The RED Test - Strategy and Risk  
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If outsiders were to read your organization's strategic or business plan, would they say that the customer was the primary focus of that plan?


Could they say that your plan is not based primarily on financial and operational objectives?


Is your business plan built around selected customer audiences?

Does your organization collect information about its selected customer audiences with the primary intent of using the information to create customer-focused products and service offerings, rather than using inside or consulting expertise to create products and offers?
Does your top management behave in a customer-focused way in their treatment of your customers?
Does your organization audit the customer experiences it delivers to customers for consistency and linkage back to the organizational strategy?
Can each employee in the organization describe the organization's customer vision and his or her role in that vision?
Are more than 50% of your "best customers" (those contributing to 80% of your revenues) considered to be Loyally to your organization?

When the organization creates it plan to mitigate Risk, is developing more loyal customers a key component?

Do you actively support multiple segments for your customers, all of which are either profitable or strategic to your growth?
Do you conduct a formal strategic planning activity at least once each year, with the intent of continually updating and improving on your existing plan?
Do you have a group specifically charged with "innovation" and linking that to the current strategy and customer segments?
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