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  Current Environment  
  • Privately held - approximately $25M revenues
  • 200 employees - mix of full time and contract
  • Provides contingent staffing as part of services
  • Small customer base - large revenue per customer
  • Highly technical services
  • Primarily development services with some consulting
  • Commodity type services
  • Price is primary determinant for winning contracts
  • Minimal Market Differentiation
  • Relatively small amount of Loyal Customers
  • Brand confusion and dilution
  Approach and Solution  

Customer Experiences Inc. was brought in to help the organization build more Customer Loyalty. Upon review, it was determined there was a need to first identify what Promises were important to their customers and then determine the best way to deliver on these Promises. We started by understanding their current customer segments so we could determine what specific Promises were important to these customers.

Since they were in three separate businesses (development, consulting and staffing services) we began by understanding the promises for each of these segments. This incorporated many factors, including:

  • Core competencies of their employees
  • Financial models for each segment
  • Specific services offered to each segment
  • Market position
  • Current Brand
  • Other relevant factors

We started by interviewing and surveying a sampling of their customers to understand more about their experience with this organization. The data gathered was focused on better understanding the Promises that were being made (or should be made) and their relative importance to the success of the relationship. We sampled a variety of customers in each segment and gained some valuable insights into what could help them achieve their objectives.

We also acquired similar data from both employees and management of the organization to determine if the two groups were in sync. At the end of this process we were able to build a Promise Inventory™ which gave a prioritized list of Promises that their customers wanted, would work to build Loyalty and Differentiation, and increase their ability to drive more Profitability and Exclusivity.

  Results and Benefits  
  • Gained detailed understanding of the core, key and important Promises their customers, by segment, wanted them to make and keep
  • Understood how to link Core Competencies to their Customers needs
  • Revised organizational strategy to better encompass customer Promises and desires
  • Understand what operational modifications need to be made to create a better and more Awesome Customer Experience
  • Identified numerous Promises that were unproductive, financially non-rewarding and detracted from serving their customers
  Next Steps  
  • Continue to refine Promises Inventory™ to incorporate changes in customer needs
  • Link to all operations to consistently deliver on the key Promises
  • Build dashboard to continually monitor Promises progress
  • Incorporate information and changes into developing a new brand focused on the customer
  • Continue to build toward becoming a true Promise-Driven Organization™ including certification


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