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The RED Test


The RED Test allows you to do a self-assessment of you and/or your organization from an overall Performance perspective. It is a way to help organizations gain a quick snapshot into how well they are performing and what their Loyal Factor is today. We encourage you to take this test to give you and your organization a quick assessment and grade yourself overall and in each of these critical areas.

Secondly, it allows you to see how well you are performing, relative to three Primary areas - Financial, Customers and Resources. The test will give you "insight" into your organization in regard to Loyalty, Trust, Promises and Performance in these Primary areas. You can score yourself and then see our analysis, based on your score. We will also provide you with some suggested actions.

  Financial Measures Test  
  Customer Loyalty Test  
  Ability to Deliver Test  
  Strategy and Risk Test  

For those wanting a more in-depth analysis on what their specific results mean, we are offering a FREE One-hour consultation on your specific results. Please Contact Us and write "Red Test Analysis" in your message header and we will contact you and arrange a time to review these with you.

We are offering this Free Consultation, for a limited, as a way of introducing organizations to the power of Loyalty and how to make Loyalty work for you in your organizations. There is absolutely no obligation on your part so take the test and give us a call or send us a message and allow us to give you the benefit of our knowledge in how to help increase Performance and Loyalty.

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