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built on Loyalty

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  Current Environment  
  • Large Public firm
  • $500k+ in revenues
  • Multiple areas of staffing
  • Industry specific recruiting and staffing
  • Customer Service was viewed substandard in industry
  • Candidates/customers viewed company as impersonal and not focused on their needs
  • Companies/clients viewed services and candidates with very little differentiation
  • Cleints
  Approach and Solution  

Customer Experiences Inc. was brought in to help them understand what their candidates/customers were experiencing and how they could improve their service to them, differentiation and improve their Loyalty.

We began by understanding what Promises their candidates/customers felt were important and why. This was something that hadn't been done in the past in a way that allowed them to acquire concrete, discrete and actionable information from these customers. We developed some tools and processes to help acquire and continue to acquire this information so they could identify the most critical areas to address.

We also spoke with their clients/companies to understand what they valued most and what would help them create more differentiation from their competition. This showed a variety of areas where they could be more helpful, such as:

  • Timliness of getting candidates to hiring managers
  • Accuracy of information
  • Better communication throughout the process
  • Provide additional, relevant information aobut the candidates
  • Obtain "critical need" information to help make hire or contract more successful

Once these areas were identified, then we helped look at how the different customer service departments were being utilized to act upon this information and how efficient they were at handling it. We discovered multiple disconnects and thus reasons why many of these problems existed. Helping them address these disconnects and focus on the key areas of interest allowed them to build the necessary processes and break down the barriers.

Their solution was multi-faceted and involved working with many departments to deliver a consistent and repeatable customer and client experience. The two key challenges were to understand the Promises that were important to their customers and clients and linking the actions of the internal departments together to deliver on these Promises. We assisted them in helping understand and begin to act upon these changes.

  Results and Benefits  
  • Gained an understanding of the Promises their clients/companies wanted them to keep
  • Gained an understanding of the Promises their customers/candidates wanted them to make and keep
  • Educated management and various departments internally on what would be required to incorporate these promises and act upon them
  • Helped build the basic linkage processes between departments so they were working together to deliver on these Promises instead of in silo's, which wasn't delivering a consistent and repeatable experience
  • Eliminated redundancy costs in the area of servicing the customer, driving $500k+ to the bottom on an annualized basis
  Next Steps  
  • Continue to build better and more linkages to other departments to deliver on the desired customer experience
  • Evaluate a new CRM system to incorporate these Promises into the system to help all departments work better together
  • Rollout to the rest of the organization
  • Incorporate into the overall corporate strategy


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