"Invest in your CUSTOMERS
and they will Invest in YOU"
built on Loyalty

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    The Promise Inventory™

  The foundation of a Promise-Driven Organization™ is (surprise!) a set of Promises. Our simple and powerful Promises Architecture™ approach relies heavily on the development of the Promise Inventory™, which is accomplished in Phase I: Discover.  
  Let’s discuss how we start with the end in mind – why the Promise Inventory™ is the place we must start.  
  • Our goal of Discovery is to define and select Strategic Promises that will lead to Loyalty, Differentiation, and Profitability.
  • A prioritized list of Customer-Focused and Strategic Promises will be generated and incorporated in the Promise Inventory™.
  • Each Promise the Customer wants must be clearly defined and understood prior to becoming part of the Promise Inventory™.

This is the foundation of the Promises Architecture™. We can’t emphasize enough how critical it is to have the right Promises identified before you move forward. Garbage in yields garbage out. If your Promise Inventory™ doesn’t contain adequately defined and targeted Promises, disappointment lies ahead.

  Having the right Promises in your Promise Inventory™ allows you to focus your Organization on the Promises that are important to your customers and they want you to deliver. Having the wrong Promises in the Promise Inventory™ means you are focusing on Promises not important to your Customer, or they won’t help you Differentiate from your competitors. Or worse, they aren’t Profitable!  
  Below is a graphic depicting the general approach to developing a Promise Inventory™ that can be used as a basis for Attaining Customer Loyalty, Differentiation, Increased Profitability, and Employee Loyalty. You can learn more about how the Promises Architecture™ works by clicking here.  

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