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    Promise-Driven Organizations™

  Promise-Driven Organizations™ are Market Leaders. And Market Leaders have shown to dominate their competition in the areas of Customer Loyalty, Increased Profitability, Market Differentiation and Employee Loyalty. We help organizations in the Creation, Building and Certification of becoming Promise-Driven.  
  Being Promise-Driven is not a "flavor of the month," it is a way of life. It is not for everyone but it is certainly for those organizations that put the customer first and want to do everything in their power to deliver a customer experience that is far superior to their competition. Promise-Driven means all your organization works together towards understanding the Promises their customers want them to keep and then has the right processes and systems in place to deliver on these Promises every time, every day.  
  One thing we have learned from our research in this area is that customers only care about what is important to them - we are a generation of "ME". We aren't here to judge this as to whether it is right or wrong - it just is the way it is. So once an organization understands and accepts this concept from the beginning, they can begin to build the necessary pieces that allow them to keep the Promises their Customers want them to keep. Research also shows that customers would rather have you keep fewer Promises all the time than many Promises some of the time. This translates to understanding the Promises that are important to your Customer and delivering these to them every time, every day.  

We also found out that Promise-Driven Organizations™ are successful because they have been able to overcome many challenges. The Top 5 Challenges we have seen them successfully overcome are:

  • Organizations struggle with knowing what Customer Promises they are making or have made
  • Organizations don’t know what Promises their Customers really want them to keep
  • Organizations do a poor job of communicating to employees the Customer Promises they are supposed to be keeping
  • Sales and Marketing make Promises that Operations doesn’t know about and can’t keep
  • Organizations continually disappoint their Customers by making far too many Promises they can’t keep
  If any of these challenges sound familiar to you and to your organization, you have come to the right place. We are the Thought Leaders and Innovators of how to eliminate these challenges by helping organizations become Promise-Driven and focus on their most important asset - their Customer. Our innovative Promises Architecture™ helps you build a Promise-Driven Organization™. Our approach attacks these challenges and gives organizations a simple and more profitable way to attain Customer Loyalty, keep their best Employees and Differentiate themselves in the market. Unlike traditional methods, this approach Changes the Game - you absolutely MUST keep Promises to win Loyalty, from both you Customer and your Employees.  
  As we work with people in the organization to incorporate the Promises Architecture™ into their daily activities and interactions with their Customers and Employees, the organization will start to advance towards becoming a Promise-Driven Organization ™ . They will be focused on building the activities so they can Deliver on these Promises as close to 100% of the time as possible. Once an organization has embraced this approach and has begun to make the move towards becoming Promise-Driven, the benefits of Customer Loyalty, Increased Profitability, Market Differentiation and improved Employee Loyalty will become an every day occurrence. Becoming a Promise-Driven Organization™ is like nothing else you have ever experienced. Give us call or shoot us a message - we'd be happy to explore whether this is for you or not. As we said before, this isn't for everyone, but for those that embrace it, life becomes a lot simpler and much more rewarding. We look forward to speaking with you.  

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