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  Current Environment  
  • Privately held consulting company
  • Partner structure
  • Medium sized practice area
  • 20+ partners
  • Building differentiation in the market
  • Developing more loyal clients
  • Achieving additional consulting revenues per client
  • Understand Promises clients want them to provide and keep
  • Develop specific Promises by segment for developing better client loyalty
  Approach and Solution  

Customer Experiences Inc. was brought in to help the organization build more Customer Loyalty. The first area of focus was to identify what Promises were important to their clients and then determine the best way to deliver on these Promises. Traditional customer satisfaction survey techniques had been used but were not as successful as they would like in building loyalty.

They had their customer segments identified and prioritized so the need was to capture more client loyalty and create more market differentiation from their competitors. Goal was to find ways to create differentiation for services provided, which were strategy, process improvement and systems implementation services.

We conducted interviews and survey's to understand the key Promises their clients wanted them to make and keep. We also surveyed their employees to see how closely aligned, or unalligned, they were to what Promises their clients wanted them to keep. The data showed there was some alignement between the client informaiton and the employees on about 40% of the Promises and no alignment on the remaining 60%.

We also built a Promise Inventory™ listing all the Promises their clients wanted them to make and keep and prioritized these Promises. From this they determined there were 8 core Promises that they needed to focus on making and keeping every day - this would be the core to build more Trust and ultimately Loyalty. The other Promises were of lesser importance and would be addressed after the core 8 were built into all areas within the organization.

  Results and Benefits  
  • Gained detailed understanding of the core, key and important Promises their customers, by segment, wanted them to make and keep
  • Understood the gap between what their employees thought were the "right" Promises to be delivering and what their clients actually wanted
  • Prioritized the Promises into a Promises Inventory™ so they knew exactly which ones they should be working on first
  • Identified numerous Promises that were unproductive, financially non-rewarding and detracted from serving their customers
  Next Steps  
  • Continue to refine Promises Inventory™ to incorporate changes in customer needs
  • Incorporate the process of delivering these core Promises into all aspects of their business, from operations through delivery of services
  • Continue to elminate unnecessary Promises that have little or no value to their clients
  • Build an ongoing measurement process to capture and measure how well they are progressing towards keeping these Promises every day
  • Identify the necessary steps to becoming Promise Certified.


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