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Areas of Opportunity


Opportunities are those areas where an organization can improve their financial and customer loyalty position both today and in the future. It is both strategic and tactical in nature and can encompass a variety of areas as shown below.

We focus on five areas when we look at Organizational Opportunities. These are Financial, Customers, Ability to Deliver (Employees), Strategy and Risk, and Global Issues. Each area has multiple ways to drive value to the organization, regardless of type of organization. Customer Experiences Inc. focuses on these specific value areas to help our clients improve Profitability and Differentiation.

Revenue Generation
Cost Reduction
Asset and Resource Allocation
Profit Margin Drivers
Return on Investment
Profitability Analysis
Market Differentiation
Customer Loyalty
Customer Defection Rates
Market Share
Competitive Advantage
Brand Promise/Recognition
Employee Loyalty
Employee Turnover/Retention
Customer and Employee Alignment
Business Processes

Partners and other Stakeholders
Tools and Technology
Strategic Planning
Innovation Management
Channel and Distribution Strategy
Risk Analysis
Culture Development
Product and Service Development
Segmentation Strategy

Cross-Cultural Communications
Global Markets and Competition
Doing Business Internationally
Cultural Awareness
Business Process Outsourcing - Offshoring
Global Ethics and Integrity

Performance Assessment

We have built "The RED Test" as a means of helping organizations to gain a quick snapshot into how well they are performing in each of the above areas. We encourage you to take each of these tests to give you and your organization a quick assessment of how well you are performing in each of these critical areas and overall.

In addition, one of the primary Professional Consulting Services we provide our clients is a front-end assessment of either the entire organization or in any of the areas above. We can provide this assessment from an over arching Strategic perspective or in a very isolated area such as your Customer, Employees and other stakeholders. If you are interested in speaking to us about how we conduct these assessments and how they can benefit your organization, please Contact Us and we would be happy to explain the process.

If you are interested in learning more about our Performance Improvement Models and How we make it happen in organizations, click on the information link below:

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