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Moss Adams

We have built a partnership with Moss Adams Strategic Planning group to provide the expertise on integrating Customer Experience information into the planning process. To see how these principles are applied specifically to organizations interested in strategic planning, contact Moss Adams Strategic Planning at

Projectuniverse is our primary implementation partner and works with us to integrate Promise Inventories with business processes to deliver totally awesome customer experiences. They are a provider of risk and controls consulting services throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.  Founded by "Big-4" public accounting professionals, Projectuniverse is dedicated to helping organizations achieve and sustain cost-effective corporate governance.  To learn more about what they do, contact Project Universe at

  Cultural Savvy  
We partner with Cultural Savvy to integrate our Promises Architecture into their approach to helping organizations be more effective when dealing with international clients. To see how these principles are applied specifically to companies interested in being more productive internationally, contact Cultural Savvy at
  Brand Imperatives  
When it comes to Branding and Marketing, we partner with one of the best organizations out there that understands how vital Promises are to establishing an organizations true identity and brand in the marketplace. To see how these principles are applied specifically in branding and marketing areas, contact Brand Imperatives at
  TLG Innovation, Inc.  
TLG Innovation is an implementation partner. They understand our concepts, methodology and how to "make it happen" for our clients. They are of the highest quality and, like CEI, have a strong passion for the customer. They also assist businesses to rapidly and effectively achieve scale and become valuable investments. You can contact them at
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