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History - The Evolution Towards Promises

  Customer Experiences Inc. (CEI) was founded seven years ago by Blaine Millet and Gary Millet. Combined, they possess over 40 years of experience with Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups, and everything in-between. Their experience includes building and running companies, consulting, and leading operations, sales and marketing, and financial functions. As a result, CEI brings together a myriad of experiences, knowledge, best practices and innovative thinking.

Blaine and Gary have been on a quest to change the way everyone thinks about Customer Experiences and how successful organizations link this to their Strategy. After years of working with traditional methods for Strategic, Operational, Sales and Marketing planning, it became clear that businesses don't truly understand their single biggest asset: Customers. Their experience showed how traditional methods focused almost exclusively on internal perceptions, internal goals, and internal measures – not to mention operations. Customer Experiences, if considered at all, were generally lumped into Customer Service – too little consideration, and far too late in the process. Their goal was to place the Customer Experience at the front end of the business and integrate into the Strategy of the organization. Customer Experiences and the processes that support these were definitely Strategic and should be integrated into everything the organization does. This was, and still is, new thinking to most organizations.

Once Blaine and Gary recognized how many opportunities their clients were losing by not serving Customers with exceptionally positive experiences, they began to develop some extremely innovative methods to remedy this. Their mission was to help their clients focus all of their employees and business functions together with a singular focus: delivering a superior Customer Experience.

It was at this point they wrote their first book, “Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences,” as the beginning of this quest. This was designed as a “How-to book” for helping organizations understand and make Customer Experiences an integrated business process and an integral part of the organizations strategy. They developed the methodology and processes necessary to accomplish this and have been successful in helping organizations regain the importance of the Customer. This process was very tactical and involved changing many of the core business processes to achieve these results.

After helping a number of organizations to gain this focus, it became clear that their clients need to do more than just build business processes to deliver Awesome Customer Experiences. While CEI's original process was extremely effective, they searched for better ways to align organizations with what their Customers really wanted. As recognized Thought Leaders and Innovators in this area, their search ultimately led them to develop a new way for Organizations to connect deeper and stronger with their customers. They understood one important facet that was missing in the equation - Promises. Customers simply wanted organizations to keep their Promises.

After further research, they developed the a very unique and leading edge approach to help organizations understand and deliver on these Promises and created the Promise-Driven Organization™. At the core of helping organizations achieve this ultimate state, they developed their Promises Architecture™ . This architecture was so revolutionary that CEI rebuilt the underlying core of what they do around it.

Through all of their work and research, it became very apparent that traditional Customer Satisfaction approaches clearly could not provide sufficient or accurate insight about what is important to their Customers. Traditional Customer Satisfaction was dead. Promises were born.

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