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  Current Environment  
  • Credit Union
  • Medium sized
  • 76,000 members
  • 7 branches
  • 200+ employees
  • Desire to sell more services per member
  • Members unaware of all product/service offerings
  • Employees unaware of all product/service offerings
  • Lack of segmentation of customers
  • Desire to increase revenue per member
  • Commoditization of services
  • Competition from major banks
  Approach and Solution  

Customer Experiences Inc. was brought in to help the organization increase the penetration of services and revenue per member. It was determined they had enough products and services to offer a wide range of customers but the primary base of members were unaware of most of these offerings. There was also a strong interest to increase and build more Member Loyalty through various programs to help differentiate from the larger banks.

Upon review, it was determined that there needed to be a better and clearer definition of members by segment so the desired Promises could be determined and delivered. We started by understanding their member segments so we could determine what specific Promises were important to these customers. Once their segments were determined, we could then help them identify which products and services would be relevant to each segment. This allowed them to build specific Promises and messages to reach these segments that were important to them and addressed their specific needs.

Since there were different segments and branches, it was determined the best way to begin was to identify these elements and build a "Pilot" to test their assumptions and then roll out the tested segmentation and Promises to each branch.

It was also imperative to help the employees understand the specific products and services being offered by the credit union so they could familiarize themselves with these and have knowledgeable discussions with their members. Part of the process was to identify these, understand them and know which segments would desire which services. Specific tools were developed to assist in this area.

  Results and Benefits  
  • Customers gained detailed understanding of the products and services that were important to their members, by segment, and by Promise
  • Increased products and services per new member household by 58%
  • Annual yield of $550,000 of net profits
  • Developed Promises around New Member Account Openings
  • Defined Customer Experience by segment for the first time to target sales and marketing efforts and deliver exactly what new members desired
  Next Steps  
  • Continue rollout to remaining branches after pilot was completed
  • Bring program into corporate offices to assist in building additional "segment focused products"
  • Incorporate modifications to operational units
  • Achieve similar results in other areas of the credit union


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