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Financial Performance is one of our key underlying foundations. We believe if you are trying to increase Revenues and improve Profitability (by lowering your internal costs) we have a very solid approach. "Loyalty is the ultimate financial model."

We increase Revenues by helping create more Loyal Customers (all Constituents including employees). This is then integrated into both the strategy and operations of the organization. The statistics demonstrate how much more Revenue organizations receive from Loyal Customers than those that are merely "satisfied." We also drive out the costs from not creating Loyalty. By improving Loyalty in all Constituents, we can significantly reduce the "acquisition" costs, for example. Retention costs far less than acquisition. This includes eliminating wasted costs that don't contribute to increasing either the Loyalty or support of your Constituents. Identifying these costs and helping organizations eliminate them, while concentrating their resources toward "creating" Loyalty helps organizations focus on what their Constituents believe to be in their best interest - building Trust, Loyalty and more Profitability for the organization.

Financial Performance involves all Stakeholders, (customers, members, shareholders, investors, partners, and others). Designing the organization around building Loyalty with these constituents is just "good business" and drives the financial measures. Take The RED Test and see how well your performing today.

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