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From time to time we get asked some pretty interesting questions. We would like to try and share these with you as often as we can so we will start to keep a rolling list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get asked.

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Questions and Answers

How exactly to Promises tie into Loyalty - whether it be Customer, Employees, Partners, or others?

ANSWER: The answer to this is what we are all about and we I would recommend you visit our site to learn more about this in detail. The short answer is that if you understand the Promises your constituents want you to keep and you then figure out how to keep them all the time, you build Trust. Once you have Trust established and you continue to keep your Promises you evolve into Loyalty.
  Does this work for any size organization or does it work better in one particular size?  
ANSWER: We have spent the majority of time working with SMB size companies so we know it works well in organizations with $250M revenues and smaller - both private and public. What we have found in larger Fortune 500 type companies is that it is easier to implement in divisions and departmentally than thorughout the organization. The methodology is certainly scalable to fit any size but it takes someone inside the organization to take on the leadership and educate everyone to its power - it is unlimited.
Why is this different from traditional Customer Satisfaction Programs?
ANSWER: This is very different in that this is "experientially based" analysis and solution vs. "operationally based" which is what 90% of the customer satisfaction programs are designed around. Promises focuses on understanding the "critical few" that customers and employees want you to keep each and every day, not just the operational items that organizations succeed at doing occassionally. This is focused on the critical few, not the masses - much better results and more positive end state.
  Does this work in some industries better than others?  
    ANSWER: To be honest, one of the beauties of this simple yet powerful process is it is so universal - works in any industry segment we have been hired into. Granted, because it is so powerful in the entire customer experience arena, any service business excels when using this approach. The only group we believe it won't work in is a pure commodity, like corn or coffee or something like that - that's it.  
  Are you a religious organization of any kind?  
    ANSWER: Funny you should ask - we get asked that occassionally because of the Promises Architecture. No, we aren't but we are focused on the betterment of our clients customer relationships and employee relationships - some might call that religion. We are intently focused on improving the "character" of the organization through our process of making and keeping the Promises they make - that isn't religion but it delivers the same results, Loyalty.  
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