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      Webinar: “Promises, Promises, Promises - How to Change the Game”

      When: To be announced
      Speakers: Blaine Millet , President, Customer Experience Inc.
                             Greg Lins , SVP Customer Experience Inc.

      Time: 9:00 AM PST - 10:00 AM PST
      Registration: Required  

      EVERY offer or statement your organization makes to a Customer represents a Customer Promise.        When you don't keep your Customer Promises you KILL Customer Loyalty! And when you make        Promises your Customers don't care about, you KILL Profitability!

       In this presentation, Blaine Millet and Greg Lins will explain why Customer Promises are Unkept
       and why organizations continue to make Unimportant Promises.

       We will also discuss how our innovative Promises Architecture™ approach attacks these issues
       and gives organizations a simple and more profitable way to attain Customer Loyalty. This new        approach changes the game. Traditional Customer Satisfaction approaches are no longer relevant,        because they miss the point – you absolutely MUST keep Promises to win Loyalty.


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