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Employees embody the spirit and Outward Character of an organization. "Employees are not "assets" of the organization, they are the Outward Character of our organization." In a world where employees have been reduced to mere "assets" that perform "functions," is it any wonder why turnover and Employee Loyalty are such hot topics today?

Outward Character is what external audiences see as the character of your organization, demonstrated through the actions of your employees. If your employees are excited, passionate, trustworthy and loyal to the organization, it says this is an organization you would enjoy working with. If external audience sees and feels the opposite, they aren't as excited or likely to work with you. Employees are humans, not assets, and wear their emotions outwardly to stakeholders, friends and everyone they come in contact with. Having a high degree of Employee Loyalty says more about the character of your organization than any marketing or branding material can communicate.

Employee Loyalty, like Customer Loyalty, is earned, not given. It is earned by building trust. Trust comes from keeping your Promises. Understand and invest in the Promises your Employees feel are important to them and they will give you their Loyalty. Employee acquisition is expensive - far more than the cost of retention. Aligning initiatives with Employee Promises builds Loaylty and reduces costs, all while illustrating the true Outward Character of your leaders and organization.


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