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  Phase I: Discover

  The Journey Begins Here
  When you leave on a Journey, do you ever make a list of things you need to bring? For instance, if your journey starts with a flight, does your list include boarding pass and photo ID? The same thinking holds true for your Journey to becoming a Promise-Driven Organization™. When striving for Customer Loyalty, its important to have a complete Promise Inventory™ at all times. The Promise Inventory™ is the foundation of and is fundamental to the Promises Architecture™ approach.
  In Phase I: Discover, we help you to develop a Promise Inventory™. Our approach deeply involves Customers, as you might expect, to arrive at Promises that are important to them. What differentiates our approach is the way we identify Promises that everyone in the organization can agree upon. This approach yields faster and more predictable results than, for example, traditional Marketing Strategy approaches that fail to adequately examine the financial or operational aspects of strategic initiatives. Similarly, Promise-Driven Strategy is superior to Product- or Service-based Strategies that have a tendency to become internally-driven and often miss the mark with Customers.
  Each potential Promise is screened against four criteria that are easy to understand. We find that this leads both Customers and Employees to easily connect with the approach, support it, and rapidly achieve results.
Why these criteria and not some other criteria? For starters, if you can’t deliver on a Promise, you better not make it; ability to deliver is fundamental to any Strategy. If a Promise yields increased Market or Brand Differentiation, your offering is more likely to stand apart from the competition. It doesn’t make sense to make Promises that your Customers don’t care about, so we focus on understanding what Promises Customers truly want your Organization to deliver upon. Finally, it is simply not sufficient to please Customers, Differentiate, and Deliver - if doing so is not Profitable, the Organization’s health will suffer in the long run.
Unless Promises are selected that meet all of the above criteria, organizations tend to suffer from miscommunication between departments, competing initiatives that tend to focus on localized optimums, and internal friction as priorities are debated on a day to day basis. When organizations become Promise-Driven Organizations™, priorities are suddenly very obvious and easy to understand, so employees know what to do, how to prioritize, and how to get along. Customers enjoy predictable results, and Employees enjoy work more because everyone is aligned toward common goals.
In Phase II: Build, the objective is to build a focus and Ability to Deliver on Strategic
Promises, and eliminate wasteful efforts Customers don’t care about.
  Simple Solutions - Powerful Results
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