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"Invest in your CUSTOMERS
and they will Invest in YOU"


  Today, most current approaches to delivering a truly awesome customer experience center around "qualitative" methods, aimed at modifying employee behavior. It is believed that a change in employee behavior will result in a change in customer behavior. For example, remember the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" This was a fun book, full of good thoughts on employee change management, something most people could relate to.

However, what we have found is if an organization is going to truly become a Promise-Driven Organization they must deliver an experience to the customer that is Consistent and Repeatable. Customers today don't want variations in how they are being served and there is no way an organization can deliver on the Promises the customer desires if what they are delivering and how they are delivering it are not consistent.

The goal of any organization interested in creating true Differentiation is to create a Consistent experience that can be repeated over and over by the various parts of the organization. Only then will the customer begin to realize that the Promise-Driven Organization™ is focused on what is important to them and begin to build significant differentiation. Without this, Random Acts of Excellence and Chaos will abound in the organization and there will be no ability for the organization or its employees to deliver on the Promises they desire - thus missing the mark and becoming viewed as a commodity. Promise-Driven Organizations™ focus on eliminating Random Acts of Excellence and Chaos by understanding the Promises their customers want and delivering on them every time, every day - this creates true Differentiation.


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