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  Customer Loyalty Test  

We designed the Customer Loyalty Test to let you assess how well your organization is doing today in regard to building solid Customer Relationships that positively impact your Performance, based on the Loyalty Factor of your constituents. Performance is very tightly correlated to how Loyal your constituents are to your organization. After you have taken the brief Test, click the results button to see how we believe you are doing and some suggested actions to assist you in this area. If you would like a more detailed analysis and discussion about your results, just click the Contact Us button to your right and we will get in touch with you right away, We Promise!

Please answer YES or NO after each question. At the end of each section, please record your number of YES and NO answers in the total boxes.

The RED Test - Customer Loyalty  
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If we ask your customers to tell us the first word they think of when they think of your organization, would that first word be "trust"?


Does your organization use trust as the true basis of its relationship with its customers?

Does your organization have deep enough relationships with its customers that you have the moral authority to directly ask them about their needs and receive truthful answers under the belief those answers will be used for their benefit?
Do you know the specific Promises your Customers (by segment) want you to keep?
Do you have a measurable way to assess Customer Loyalty?
Do you have at least an annual process to measure your Customer Experience - not Customer Satisfaction but the experience?
If you look at your entire customer base, would you say that over 50% of your customers are Loyal to your organization (willing to buy again if you make mistakes)?
Does your organization tie its brand promises directly to the brand experiences it delivers to your customers?

Does your organization presently measure the outcome of each brand experience against its brand promises and use the information to improve their experience?

Do you have a written and concise definition for a "Loyal" Customer, a "Satisfied" Customer and a "Dissatisfied" Customer?
If we asked your customers if they feel you keep your Promises to them, would they say "Yes" the majority of time?
For your "best" customers (those that contribute 80% of your revenue), would they tell us that they feel they have a "Trusted, Loyal Relationship?"
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