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    Customer Loyalty
  Customer Loyalty has been defined in many different ways. As we have stated over and over again, our belief is keep it simple. With this in mind, we have a very simple definition. Customer loyalty to us is when you have at least one additional opportunity with the customer to fix a problem that otherwise would have cost you the customer. Nothing more, and nothing less.
  The degree of loyalty you have with the customer determines how many additional opportunities you have two both sell to them and fix any problems that may exist in your current relationship. The more loyalty you have, the more opportunities you get. The less loyal they are, the fewer opportunities you have with that customer. As we stated before, satisfied customers are simply looking for "the next best deal.” This means they will defect at any sign of danger in the relationship that affects them. There are no more chances with just satisfied customers. The only second chance you get with a satisfied customer is if they don't have a better place to go for the moment. But as soon as they do, they will defect immediately. There is no loyalty for satisfied customers, only waiting for the next best deal to come along.

We won't bore you with all the statistics available today on how much more valuable a Loyal Customer is than one that is merely "satisfied." We say that those who are "satisfied" are simply "waiting for the next best deal." We believe every organization, no matter what type (for profit, not-for-profit or government) can achieve substantial and lasting Stakeholder Loyalty by following our simple, yet powerful, Promises Architecture™.

Customer Loyalty is the "brass ring" that every organization should strive to achieve. It creates opportunity based on Trust and Promises and creates further differentiation from your competitors. Our approach allows organizations to understand the key components of what it takes to create Loyal Customers and then provides an easy, straight forward step-by-step process to start making improvements in this area almost immediately. We focus on building consistent and repeatable experiences that your customers are asking for and demand if they are to be Loyal.


This is why we keep it very simple. Understand the promises your customer wants you to keep, keep them all the time, and you will build trust and a loyal relationship over time. This is the only true way to build customer loyalty. Everything else is merely satisfaction and customers that are merely “satisfied” are simply waiting for the “next best deal.”

If you would like to see visually how these dynamics work together to create Customer Loyalty, starting with Customer Acquisition, click the link below. This diagram demonstrates how "at risk" most organizations are to the defection by their customers and why it is so critical to be on a migration path to Loyalty. Without this quest, you are putting your organization at significant risk to customer defection and commoditization.

  The Dyanmics of Customer Risk, Migration and Loyalty

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