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"Invest in your CUSTOMERS
and they will Invest in YOU"
  Phase II: Build

  In Phase I: Discover, information from Customers and Employees is collected and analyzed. A list of strategic Promises is selected, called the Promise Inventory™. In Phase II: Build, we help you to build a focus and Ability to Deliver on Strategic Promises, and eliminate wasteful efforts Customers don’t care about.
  Cleaning House
  Certainly the goal of any Promise-Driven Organization™ will be to Build ability to Deliver on Promises that are important to Customers. However, there is a period of transition where Organizations must tear down and dismantle many of the wasteful initiatives that inherently exist in Operations that have never been Promise-Driven before. In fact, most Organizations are found to invest more in initiatives that have NO VALUE, from a Promise-Driven perspective, than they invest in initiatives that Customers care about. Achieving laser-focus on what matters to the Customer immediately yields opportunity to eliminate waste. And this waste, when reinvested toward Promises that Customers care about, allows dramatic improvements in areas that really matter: Customer Loyalty, Differentiation, Profitability, and Employee Loyalty.
  Promise Readiness - Why Care about Operations?
  Promise-Driven Organizations™ are different - Promises actually mean something. There are vast numbers of Organizations that Promise too much and deliver too little. Sometimes Marketing and Sales just don’t know what Operations can deliver, so they guess (wrong); sometimes there is intentional“puffing” to close a deal, and sometimes“Promises” can be outright lies.

We at Customer Experiences Inc. believe that Promises Made should be Promises Kept. In this way, Organizations build respect, Customer Loyalty, and Brand Value, among other benefits.

That said, it’s one thing to decide that a Promise is worth Making and Keeping, and quite another to be in a position to do so RELIABLY. How reliable do you need to be? Well, how important is it to your Customers and Employees that you do what you say you will do?

While attaining 100% reliability is
unlikely (after all, we’re only human), Organizations must strive for exceptional
Operational Readiness prior to actually
making Promises to Customers.
Customer Experiences Inc. consists of professionals with extensive Operational experience that spans virtually all areas of our client Organizations. We help you to quickly identify constraints that hinder you from RELIABLY delivering those Promises you decide to move forward with. From a solid foundation of Operational Readiness, you will be prepared to move toward Phase III: Attain, where Promises are deployed in the marketplace.
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