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"Invest in your CUSTOMERS
and they will Invest in YOU"
  Phase III: Attain

  In Phase II: Build, the objective is to build a focus and Ability to Deliver on Strategic Promises, and eliminate wasteful efforts Customers don’t care about. In Phase III: Attain, the focus shifts toward Attaining the status of a Customer-Focused and Promise-Driven Organization™.
  Let’s review what you now have, and what you
are therefore ready to unleash:
       • Clearly defined and articulated Promises           that Customers Care about; that           Customers say will cause them to be           Loyal.
       • Organizational agreement and buy-in on
          what Promises will achieve Market           Differentiation and Increased Profitability.
       • An Organization standing behind you that           understands what it means to be a
          Promise-Driven Organization™, and
          stands ready to deliver.
       • Complete clarity regarding the
          Mission of Making and Keeping Promises
          that are important. Wasteful activities
          that don’t help the Organization           to Deliver Promises have been           extinguished - you are agile and able to           respond.
You are now ready to flip the switch, so to speak, and announce to the World that your Organization stands for something. That it means what it says. That it is uniquely capable of reliably delivering on Promises that your Customers asked you for. These are the Promises your Organization will be known for. Once the market knows that you Make and Keep Promises, these Promises will become your Brand Promises, legitimately building your Brand Value on the bedrock of true Market Differentiation.
  It would be an understatement to say that this would be a great time to do a little marketing. You will most definitely want to leverage all of your hard work, and inform the market in no small way that you’re ready to lead.
  Promise Delivery includes planning for the roll-out, marketing, internal and external messaging, promotional activities, sales training. The greatest benefits are achieved with an integrated plan to synchronize and leverage the roll-out with your Customers, Employees, Market, Investors, and other Stakeholders.
  Unfortunately, if all you do is sound the trumpet and rush off to “victory”, you will likely impress, inspire, increase revenue, and suddenly - find that your ability to deliver on your Promises decreases as the business grows. You don’t want that to happen, and we don’t either. We help you to measure Processes and Performance, so that you can predict problems that interfere with your ability to Deliver, and validate that Customers perceive that you are Making and Keeping Promises.
  If your Organization and its Employees Attain a degree of demonstrated proficiency toward implementing Promise-Driven methods, and Customers attest to your ability to Make and Keep Promises, you will want to consider becoming Certified as a Promise-Driven Organization™. This allows you to maximize the benefit of your investment, since prospective new Customers will immediately recognize Differentiation and Value in the fact that your Organization is a Certified Promise-Driven Organization™.
  Simple Solutions - Powerful Results
Phase II: Build

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