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The Ability to Deliver value to your customers/stakeholders is key to any organizations' success. There are there components involved in delivering any product or service. They are People (Employees, Partners, Suppliers, etc.), Tools and Processes. Take The RED Test and see how well you can deliver today.

People are the most important resource any organization has to deliver value to their customers. Without the right People, an organization can provide the best products and services, yet fail to create customer value. People involved in delivery include Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Consultants, Contractors and others. We focus on helping organizations build Loyalty within their People so they can deliver a "consistent" and "repeatable" experience to their customers. The organization has to be committed to providing them with the right Tools and Processes to help them be successful and achieving this goal.

Tools are the second key component for creating the Ability to Deliver value to their customers. People can’t perform their jobs efficiently and effectively unless they have all the tools they need, when they need them. Each business is different and the tools vary by organization. It’s important not only to ensure that the right tools are available for each person’s need, but also that the there is sufficient capacity for the overall organization needs. Understanding the Promises the Customers want an organization to keep helps us ensure that the tools and technology within an organization are utilized well, and create a sustainable ability to deliver value to the customer.

Processes are the final component for achieving a reliable and sustainable Ability to Deliver. It is critical that your People use efficient, effective, and repeatable processes to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Processes must be designed to fill a customer need; must be properly designed; must be enabled with the proper tools; and people must be trained and skilled in the defined processes. This is the only way, as we discussed in our Book, to achieve "consistency" and "repeatability" in delivering value to the Customer. The combination of these is what helps organizations achieve success.

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